Car Insurance for riders from Bennetts


New & Young Car Insurance

Getting your driving licence is surely one of life’s real great achievements, but without a driving history, new and young drivers can find arranging Car Insurance a little daunting...

If you are reading this and have just passed your test and are now looking for Car Insurance, congratulations! We know that the test nowadays isn’t a walk in the park, and if you’ve got to this stage, you’ve got our respect.

But, you may well be worrying now, that without a driving history, that insurance is going to be a figure with a lot of noughts on the end…? Not necessarily.

Of course, with the bulk of no claims bonus paid in your first uneventful year, it can be prudent to drive an affordable, low risk car, just for a while. Yes, we know you’re desperate to show off your car to your friends, but the next 12 months could help you get on the driving ladder…

  • First Car Insurance
  • Monthly Options
  • Varying levels of cover
  • Experience from parents policies?
  • Discounts for garaging
  • Limited Mileage options

At the end of the day, we’ve all been where you are right now, and we know that your first policy can be quite expensive. But, we have several options to limit your policy and therefore premium, including curfews, limited mileage and security clauses. We also have flexible options for paying your premium that could allow you to pay as you earn.