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High Performance Car Insurance

Got the need for speed? Fulfilling a lifelong dream of owning a high performance vehicle? Mid life crisis? Read on...

As a specialist insurance broker, albeit traditionally a motorcyclist insurance broker, we know that cars, and bikes, are more than just hunks of metal and rubber to most of us. Some of us here at Bennetts even have names for our vehicles…

And this is why we take our hats off to you if you are fulfilling that dream of at last owning a high performance car. But with high costs of purchase, you may be pleasantly surprised how this needn’t necessarily translate into high costs of insurance. Especially if you are an established motorcyclist as we’ll use that fact in your favour.

  • Italian Supercars
  • Iconic British marques
  • Reliable German sports cars
  • Hot Hatches
  • One-off builds
  • Japanese Imports

Of course, high performance cars needn’t just be shiny red cars from Italy with exotic names, they come in all shapes and sizes, and we all have our own understanding of what construes a high performance vehicle, and this includes high performance ‘street sleepers’ sometimes imported from Japan (which can give those shiny red cars a good run for their money).