Car Insurance for riders from Bennetts


Classic Car Insurance

We love a Classic at Bennetts, whether you favour a 60's Ford, 70's Camper Van or 90's Hot Hatch...

In the same way that motorcyclists can often make the best drivers. We also appreciate that owners of classic vehicles often pamper and care for their vehicles with enthusiasm. Which is not often matched by owners of generic shopping wagons.

We also know that classics cars are often garaged for months on end, and many don’t even come out on rainy days. That is not to say that we do not cover classic cars that are used more often, or even as a commuter. But like motorcyclists, every driver and owner has individual owner circumstances, and we will work closely with you to achieve the best quotes we can from the market.

And if you are also a motorcyclist, we will count this in your favour when providing a quote because regardless of your choice of car, we believe motorcyclists do make the best drivers.

  • Agreed Value option
  • Laid Up cover
  • Limited Mileage options
  • Discounts for Motorcyclists
  • Any age of vehicle considered
  • Additional driver options