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Convicted Car Insurance

If you have a conviction or points on your licence, we can look at ways to enable you to get back on the road as affordably as possible...

If you have been lucky, and if it were your first offence, then depending on the local Police authority, you may have the choice of a speed awareness course instead of taking points. You must, of course, declare any points on your licence, speed awareness courses you have taken, and prosecutions in progress. But, having points needn’t have a huge impact on your insurance premiums, at least not for the more minor offences.

We also look at when and how convictions took place. If your points could drop off your licence during your next annual policy, this could count in your favour. We will also look at your overall general driving record to ascertain if you had a single moment of madness or whether you have been a habitual offender.

  • Drink Driving Convictions
  • Minor Speeding Offences
  • Dangerous and Reckless driving offences
  • Multiple Offences
  • Speed Awareness course attendence
  • Disputed prosecutions

We do appreciate that even the best of drivers can be unfortunate enough to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time.